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Harness your 

people power 

Single Integrated Platform

Harness your people power with our integrated HR, Payroll, Expense and Hiring Management Platform

Manage and empower your global workforce with ease.


Regardless of the size of your organization, Ae'lkimi enables you to set up all your employee information and access it on demand, and on any device from a single source of truth.

Recover your valuable time, so you can focus on what matters most - your organization and your employee's career journey, with workflow automation processes.

Mobile First HR

Empowering your workforce on the go, anytime, anywhere ...

Today's workforce needs access to their data 24/7,  anytime, anywhere, at the click of a button.


With Ae'lkimi's mobile app, your employees will never feel too far from accessing support.


Whether it is administration, expense claims, reimbursements, payslip downloads, payment advances or requests, Ae'lkimi's mobile app makes addressing SLAs quick and painless.

Aelkimi Mobile Application

Difficulty selecting the right candidate for your roles?

The talent landscape is evolving, and so are the methods of candidate application/selection. From attracting your ideal candidate to their successful onboarding, Ae'lkimi makes your hiring future-proof.

  • Candidates will feel they are being treated with honesty and evaluated fairly

  • Build your talent pool and stay in touch with potential candidates to match them to future roles.

  • Enable greater decision-making through scorecards between interview stages

  • Screen candidates through pre-employment tests to determine competence.   

Struggling with performance management?

Align your employee's goals with your business and thrive. Drive meaningful two-way conversations with a performance management solution that streamlines your employee appraisal process.

Encourage open dialogue and communication between Line Managers and their employees. This will ensure all goals are aligned and the right strategy for advancement, recognition and career development is in place.

Dreading payroll processing at the end of the month?

Stressing, panicking and feeling overwhelmed? Why are you going through this every single month?

Why is your payroll not running 24/7 in the background and working for you?

Ae'lkimi enables you to give trust and control to your employees, where they can upload the monthly changes and pre-run their own payroll, while our platform updates in real-time all the changes - giving you cashflow visibility both locally and internationally.

With AI support pre-empting your payroll, you can now save hours of administration, reduce human errors and focus on more critical tasks.

Are you managing compliance for a large, global team?

Frustrated with the ever-changing landscape of regulation and compliance? Are you struggling with:

  • Employment Laws

  • Tax Regulations

  • Payroll Laws

  • Multilingual contracts

  • International benefits administration

Well, that's our problem and not yours! You manage the team, while our multi-country compliance repository ensures that you, your employees and the organization is legally compliant and up-to-date with all the laws.

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